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Dr. Bill Stone

Dr. Bill Stone

Dr. Stone is a native of Texas and his family has been active in Hunters and Jumpers in Texas for many years. He didn’t ride very well, so he directed his equine interests toward veterinary medicine. He started his career in Katy with Dr. Bob Field, at the Katy Veterinary Clinic. When Dr. Field returned to become a professor at Texas A&M, Dr. Heitmann came to Katy, to establish Katy Equine Clinic. It is largely through the recommendations and experience of Drs. Field and Heitmann that Dr. Stone became a veterinarian. He attended Texas A&M University and received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 1983. Bu he wasn’t done yet… After leaving Texas A&M he completed an internship at the University of Tennessee, before returning to Katy Equine Clinic from 1984-1987.

His interest in surgery made him seek out additional training, and he attended the University of Wisconsin, where he completed a residency in Large Animal Surgery. He received a Master’s degree in Veterinary Science in 1992, and completed the requirement for certification by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons in 1994. He remained on faculty at the University of Wisconsin until 1998, at which time he established a referral surgical practice in Delevan Wisconsin, Equine Veterinary Associates. He designed a full service hospital, with emphasis on lameness and surgery, both soft tissue and orthopedic surgery. He worked with a great group of young professionals, and enjoyed their enthusiasm for equine practice. His time in Wisconsin, but has found the need – as all Texan’s to return home. He is excited to have the opportunity to return to Katy Equine Clinic.

Dr. Stone has two children, Zachary – in his second year of medical school at the University of Florida, and Tiffany – who has just submitted her application to veterinary school and is excited about her future in the profession.

Dr. Bill Stone

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Support Staff

Our support staff is comprised of a dedicated group of men and women whose love for horses is paramount. They are the well-trained behind-the-scenes people, who conduct lab tests, prepare horses for surgery, answer telephones, maintain records and clean stalls. Here are just a few of the many people who assist in the care and treatment of your horse. We appreciate their efforts.

Kirsty Steel

Senior Vet Technician

Laura Riggs

Office Manager

Katelynn Davis


Jesus Tejada

Barn Manager


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